DK2014100395 – Hreppur fra Jespersgaarde

Hreppur is a big and good looking young gelding, who is easy to handle.

His mother is the first class fourgated mare Hátign frá Ragnheiðarstöðum, who has four 9’s in her assessment!
Father is the World Champion Prins från Knutshyttan, who has incredible 8.81 in totalassessment! His mother is the highly judged Baldur frá Bakka daughter Nótt frá Knutshyttan and the father is the wellknown Flipi från Österåker.

Hreppurs fullbrother went straight in to first class for conformation this spring!

Hreppur stands near Aalborg, North Denmark.
For more information, please contact the breeder Dorthe Ellgaard mail:

Price: 43 000 DKK